vba word number formatting a textbox

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Hi again experts,

Another quick question, i'm trying to find a way to format a few userform textbox's but no luck its for formatting it incorrect.

this is the code:

Private Sub txtvjhjp_AfterUpdate()

txtvjhjp.Text = Format(txtvjhjp.Value, "#.##0,00")

End Sub

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The result is this: 7000,0000
when it should be this: 7.000,00

I'm also looking for a way to do it easier, there is a few textboxes that need this format is there an easier way, like simply right the textbox name on a list and it will put the form in them all, something like this:

Private Sub decimalseparator_AfterUpdate()

Format(value, "#.##0,00")
End Sub

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no clue if this is possible at all but would make it easier and the code would be more clean i guess :)

thank you in advance
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it will normally automatically onvert to the right separators



that worked like a charm!! awesome thank you!,

 but how about a code for more textboxes using this format?
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No easy way that I can think of
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You can just select all the textboxes together (using the Ctrl key) then just insert the following in the FORMAT property:

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You have to make a translation when coding formats in countries where the decimal symbol is a comma and the thousands separator is a period.


IrogSinta - I can't seem to fin that propety, is that in the propeties window?
It's the topmost property in the Format tab of the Property Sheet. If you put #,##0.00 in there it will automatically change to Standard

property sheet


Sadly i think this function is only available in access or so, im try to code this in word vba so its not there.

But thanks!


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