Outlook 2010 on Win2k12R2 Terminal Server Fram


I am having some random issue with my users and Outlook 2010. My users are logging on a two server Windows Server 2012 R2 Terminal server farm. Randomly and very spontaneous, my users get this message when trying to run Outlook 2010 on the RDP:

The issue is solved by deleting the Outlook profile in Control Panel, and creating a new one.

This is quite annoying for my users and me. Does anyone know how to help me?

Annfinn ThomsenAsked:
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Annfinn ThomsenAuthor Commented:
The issue seems to have resolved itself (we did update Office via Windows update).
Chad FranksSenior System EngineerCommented:
whats the actual error message?
Annfinn ThomsenAuthor Commented:
Office update via Windows Update seems to have fixed the issue.
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