Planning to make one more TFTP server , in existing network , is there any problem or Conflict it can cause ?

My clients  corporate network is having solar wind with TFTP server features  and DHCP servers and AD  and With Many switches and Routers , i am responsible for a Branch office with many switches i would like to

Download (    ),   free TFTP server tool and install it in my laptop coonected to corporate network   and use it to backup configuration of swithes by using comments like "copy running-config tftp:"   or     to restore from laptop(now tftp server)  to swithes and routers . my big doubt is  will it make make any conflict to existing DHCP or TFTP or DNS or any such service in my corporate network...?
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Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
With different ip address on every tftp service, I don´t see much problem.
No, it won't. TFTP server won't anounce itself or take requests as dhcp would.
Andy CantuCommented:
No problem at all.  TFTP servers will not interfere with any of your other services.

All you have to do is make sure you point the switches/routers to your new TFTP server's IP when you issue the copy start tftp command, and that should be all you need to make use of your new server.

Let me know if this works for you.
Good luck.
No problem with multiple TFTP servers on a single network, even on the same subnet.
TFTP servers do not advertise themselves.
Actually, one of the roles of a PXE Server is to provide the requesting PXE clients with a boot-file name and... a TFTP server IP address to download the boot-file from.
This is perfectly legit to have several TFTP server.

I used to have a TFTP server on my own laptop (used Philippe Jounin's TFTPD32 ( ) and it never caused any issue with any of the (many) tftp servers we had.

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FiruITAuthor Commented:
thanks dear all............all of the inputs was great specially with more  informative inputs.
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