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What are my alternatives to watching cable television without the local cable provider?  I don't really watch any movies, but I do watch A&E, travel channel, ESPN and Bravo networks.  Don't know if Hulu/Netflix or something else would do the trick here.  I also would want to watch more recently shows.  I searched online, but the shows seem to be a bit old.

Help!  I want to poison my mind.
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What about satellite receiver?
uppercut7141Author Commented:
When I plugin the coaxil connection, I don't receive anything.  Also, I don't believe we actually have a satellite installed.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You have to subscribe to some service, whether it is cable or satellite.  How are you watching those shows right now?
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uppercut7141Author Commented:
I'm just using the good ol' rabbit ears now.  I was wondering if there's a service I can use and pay for getting cable via the internet?
You can take a look at Netflix.
I haven't used it myself, but several people I know, have. And seem to like it.
HD antenna.  I get about 25 stations in my area.

Also google private channels for roku.  These are in addition to those that come with the roku store.  Lots of stuff, whether any of it is of interest to you or not depends on you.

Nowhere TV (a private channel) has tons of options.  There is even a Nowhere porn.

I assume most of these are available to various streamers, not just roku.
Rabbit TV Entertainment System
Rabbit experience goes back to days of "the good ol' rabbit ears"
Currently they offer USB device for $10 claiming 5000 channels, no monthly fee. Widely available at retail outlets.

I suspect you still need more for all interests, requiring basic, least costly cable or satellite.

Once you have cable, you should have minimal, not none, of TV. It should be just handful of options for local shows, public service, and mostly for those emergency warnings such as for floods, and severe weather.

Some TV is available on internet for specific audience, usually prerecorded, not as up to date as you prefer, that has costs for production, but often  some local news should be available.

* Caution:
is valid link
is suspect,
"The site's security certificate has expired!"
I am not testing that today, when the other one works well enough.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
magic tv
dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
Some signals are produced in HD only - the Travel channel you mentioned is one of them. In those cases you would have to have a HD receiver/decoder box to decompress the signal. If you are just looking to cut your cost another service may offer discounts for a couple of years.

I would also recommend you call your cable provider. They provide different packages to get just what you want. When you first sign up they usually give you a lot of free stuff and then start charging you for it after a few years. Make list of what you require and call them and see what you can  take out. I don't take the movie channels or the extra sport channels.
Adding an antenna to your television could bring in plenty of free broadcast channels including high-definition. If your TV came with a basic antenna that you never used since you were getting your channels through the cable company, try unplugging the cable and connecting the antenna, and repositioning it if needed, to see if your television can pull in any stations.

If you cannot get much from the standard antenna, investing in a larger indoor antenna or even an outdoor model to pull in UHF and VHF signals may help.

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