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I have 2 applications, data was migrated from App1 to App2. each app has a gui (front end) and a db(back end). I have the db mapping between the 2 applications and from that I need to find the Gui equivalent field names.

here I have App1 Gui names and their equivalent label in the db as shown below: (this would be column A and B in my spreadsheet)
Gui1                    DB1
Tag1       compn-name
Tag2       compn-service
Line no       line-num

here is the App2. Gui names and their equivalent label : (this would be column F and G in my spreadsheet)
Gui2                             DB2
TagA                inst.tagnumber
Service                 inst.service
Line number         data.dx

here is the mapping between the databases: (this would be columns K and L in my spreadsheet).
         DB Mapping      
DB1                                  DB2
line-num                      data.dx
compn-name               inst.tagnumber
compn-service      inst.service

I need a formula that will find the Gui mapping between the 2 applications.
so the result should show me:

Tag1      TagA
Tag2      Service
Line no      Line number

Please specify the formula needs to be written in which cell?

Attached is my spreadsheet containing this information.

Thanks, much,
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IS there anything common between the names in the GUI ??
This looks difficult


no names are different, otherwise I could have used vlookup...


I was thinking there should be a IF Statement we could write possibly?
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Can you please try the following:
Cell A9

Open in new window

copy cell A9 down to A10 and A11

Cell B9

Open in new window

copy cell B9 down to B10 and B11
I have attached the Excel file with the above formulas.
The advantage of using INDEX and MATCH compared to VLOOKUP is that you do not have to sort the lookup range.
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Here is an alternate solution which only requires one formula copied down.  

I re-arranged your app tables in a way that helps visualize the relationships better, moving from left to right you can see the fields line up:
example mapping
Since you already know your Gui1 values, you can insert them in J2:J4 and then add this formula in K2 and copy down:


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