TS Profiles: Does GP or user account take precedence?

In an AD user account under the "Terminal Services Profile" tab I can designate the profile path.

However, in the GPO under "Windows Components/Terminal Services" I can also designate the path for roaming profiles.

If a different profile path is specified in each location, which one takes precedence?

We still have a mix of 2003 and 2008 R2 domain controllers (the last 2003 DC should be decommissioned before the end of the year).
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chlebiTeam Leader IT InfrastructureCommented:
Hi, I have the same setup and the entry in AD takes precedence in my case for the home drive (I do not use the profile setting). I suggest you simply test that.
Assume u already join domain ,terminal Services Profile in local  setting just specify on that server , and in
GPO it can specify on whole network 's server of users .
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