Downloading windows updates - error message

Why do I get these errors frequently? - six updates were not downloaded.  Is there a way to get these updates?  Thank you -
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Try one at a time, if that doesn't work try the Fix It

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Joshua GrantomSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
It could also be because some of the failed updates were dependent on other updates being installed.
The message is not telling you that the updates failed to download, it is telling you that they cannot be installed while windows is running normally because it would involve having to try and overwrite or modify system files that are currently in use and therefore locked.  The process requires a reboot and Windows Update should install the downloaded updates before the computer boots back to your desktop.

Does it fail when you restart the computer?
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dpsmithers --
The code 80070490 could mean that a file (CBS Manifest) that's needed to install updates is corrupt .
Run the System Update Readiness Tool

If no help. you should consider a Repair Install
This should not affect your personal data or installed programs but a backup first is a good idea.

A reference of possible interest.
Thank you dpsmithers
dpsmithersAuthor Commented:
You are welcome -
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