Can not access our domain website internally but it works externally,


We recently put an exchange server in place and transferred our DNS Zone from Enom to Godaddy. The website works externally as we pointed the A record and CNAME www to but not internally. The MX record is different from the website record. Is there a DNS entry we need on our internal DNSsince we used split DNS for the email? The domains are company.local and I can not ping internally but works externally fine. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Is there a DNS entry we need on our internal DNSsince we used split DNS for the email?
Can you describe your split DNS setup? Do you have a zone on your internal DNS servers?
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Almost certainly you have setup a split DNS for the entire zone.
The easiest solution to this is to change the split DNS to specific host instead.

That way it only works for the hosts that you specify. If you then change the web host for any reason, you don't have to another record to change (or forget about).


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JRome225Author Commented:
The website is hosted externally. Is there simply an internal dns record I can add?
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JRome225Author Commented:
Dave- Yes there is a and company.local under the forward lookup zones. With SOA srvr.cmpny.local, hostmaster.cmpny.local and cname mail = srvr.cmpny.local and owa = srvr.cmpny.local under the lookup zone.

The other administrator modified the host file on the server to point externally and it works on the server. Would this be a solution for each client computer?
Rather than modifying host files, you can simply create a host record named www in the zone and give it the address of the website. However, you may not need that zone at all, unless you've got machines in the domain whose names need to be resolved to different IP addresses by internal and external users.

Are there any other records in the zone? You don't have to give details, especially the IP addresses associated with those records; I'm just wondering whether that zone really needs to be there at all.
JRome225Author Commented:
Well I added the www A record under pointing to external IP per the blog instructions. Hopefully it works, I'll post results this evening.
OK cool. Don't forget that you may need to flush the resolver cache (via ipconfig /flushdns) on a machine before it will resolve the new record properly.
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