download mp3 from link in IE

when i put the link in IE, it immediately goes to play.. is there a 'trick' to make it ask you to download it instead. the link ends with ".mp3"

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Check your Autoplay settings.

Start > Control Panel and search AutoPlay
Instead of making all those changes I would just do the following

paste the url into notepad

<a href="http://yoururl/file.mp3">Click here</a>

Save that file as .htm or .html and open in your browser of choice and right click and save as.
Seriously? So everytime he wants to download a song he has to make an html file for it.
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Or everytime he wants to play a song he has to go back and reset autoplay

He could also just disable the mp3 plugin on his browser to force download.
Why reset Autoplay - double click and there ya go.
Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
You can "right" click the link and choose.. "Save Target As"
Valid point I concede :~)
It's not a link on a page
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Just to expand on Gary's post:

- Click on the Settings "cogwheel" in the IE window
- Choose Internet Options
- in the window that opens go to the Programs tab and press the Set Programs button
- Click on the link to Change AutoPlay settings
- Find the entry for Audio files
- Change this to "Ask me every time"

When you put the address of an mp3 file into the address bar and hit enter you should now see these options:

Choose what to do - Play or Save
You can then select to Open (play) or Save the file

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