Windows Domain -- report showing "CLIENT" versions ?

I have an OLD Windows 2003 domain with
a mix of Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win8.1 Update 1,
etc machines

What under $500 software/etc
would show the below ?
  ** computer name
  ** current operating system
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fundacionrtsAdministrador de SistemasCommented:
You can use OCS Inventory NG?. It's free and work very well:
An agent is installed in all computer and report the computer configuration to a server that have a Web Gui to show all information. It is posible to make queries filters by many configuration values so i think that it is a good solution for you.
David ToddSenior DBACommented:

Depending on where you have the list of computers you are interested in, powershell should be able to do that quite simply.

I have a list in SQL, but originally it was a text document.
foreach( $s in Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query ‘select distinct ss.FQDN as ServerName from dbo.SQLServer ss ’ -Database _dba_logging -ServerInstance someServerNameHere ) {
    write-output $s.ServerName
... etc

The results I store in SQL.

I agree with David Todd Powershelll would be perfect for this task and it free!!!

The following link will show you how to use powershell to extract the information you are looking for..

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Windows Server 2003

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