How to backup my WordPress Site, So I can move it for my /dev folder to my main folder and remain /dev to /esp?

TinaMBarnard used Ask the Experts™
I have built a website in worpress in the dev folder, and I am almost done and want to move it to the main forder

What is the best way to do this??

I need to leave the one in the /dev because I am going to changes the text to spanish so I will have 2 sites the same except for the text and images. I have all the text and images to put in the site.

 I want to change the /dev to /esp what will be the best way to do this with out messing up the site to much??

Thanks Tina :)
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Hi Tina,

General response:

You aren't going to do a move as much as a copy so I would try the following.  Refer to the linked article for detailed steps.

1) Download the wp-contents folder from the dev site
2) Install WordPress under the root.  Leave /dev alone for now.
3) Create a new database for the top-level site.
4) Upload the wp-contents folder to the new top-level site to get the theme/graphics/plugins in place
5) Export the dev database as a mysql dump file.  Do a search and replace on the dump file to remove references to /dev/
6) Import the revised dump to the database created at step 3

That should "move" the dev to live and mostly work.  You may have to deactivate and reactivate plugins and permalinks to get the .htaccess file to regenerate properly.

For changing /dev/ to /esp/, all you really need to do is change /dev/ to /esp/ in the database and then rename the directory.  My article provides the relevant MySQL queries that will do this for you.


It worked perfectly...just have to change the name of the dev folder!!!

Thanks Tina :)

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