solution for : user profile service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded. (without touching the registry)

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user profile service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded.

for the error in win7,
for a novice user, is there a simple solution other than the below.. (regedit)

this person has only dialup and remote desktop maybe easy or feasible.

we need to give them a easy solution, if possible so they can fix this.

so far this is what has  been done:

the user restarted the machine in safe mode. it let them in.. then they restarted again and it goes into their profile no problem.. they thought the profile may be damaged.. so they changed the password, and now it is happened all over again...

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Windows 7 best system restore which will restore an earlier version of the registry, too.
1) shut down the PC
2 Turn it on and when the mfr's logo appears, start hitting F8 like a madman (warne them and make sure they found the F8 key before turning it back on)
3)  When the menu appears, choose Repair my computer.
4)  Choose the language and keyboard and hit next.
5)  Choose the users login name (not homegroup user), enter the password, and choose next.
6)  When the repair options appear, choose System restore.
7) When you get to the restore points list, choose one from before the problem and that is labeled Windows Update or Critical System Update.

Waltz on through the rest of the restore process which can take 10 minutes+ and, even if it says it failed, there is a good chance it will say successful after a reboot; but, remind him to use his old password as it is part of what was restored.


sure... thanks. will advise the same..

now, what about the antivirus.. could it have been the culprit? they had the free avg on. just checking on this point, while getting the other aspects going.

will report back.


the solution worked.

*can you comment what could have been the root cause for the issue?
*how can we make sure this has less chance to repeat itself
*could this indicate a hardware issue or more software issue? (like antivirus?)
*with the restore point solution, was some data lost possibly?
*if the user was tech savvy, was the REGEDIT solution better?

1) There is no easy way to know what the root cause was.  Simply pushing and holding the power button to force the PC off can cause it.
2) There is no way of knowing; but, it was probably not the antivirus.
3) No, no data was lost.
4) The system restore was far more complete than using regedit as it restored good copies of numerous windows files.


you helped it going! thx-

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