Using Jquery AJAX in seperate Script File?

Since I moved my scripts from the MVC view into separate .js file, it cannot connect to another controller Action anymore.

Q. Can a AJAX work correctly in a separate .js file?
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Craig WagnerSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Yes it can, we do it all the time.

Open the JavaScript console in your browser or use Fiddler to look at the call to try to determine what is wrong.
WorknHardrAuthor Commented:
In some cases I have a partial view inside another partial view. I thought maybe the Ajax URL might need to be changed.
Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
The js file may be in a different location from where it was originally run, thus you need to change the URL parameter of your ajax call.
For example if you use jquery ajax, implement the error method and post the error message.  As stated previously by CraigWagner, Fiddler can help to capture  the call interaction and find the error.
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WorknHardrAuthor Commented:
I've found many solutions where adding / solved their issue like so:    
instead of:

I'm curious if this would work:
   var URL = document.location
Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
Yep, you just confirmed that the URL was the issue. The extra "/" at the start of the URL makes it a relative URL.
Regarding post question "URL/controller/action " will only work if it resolves in a valid location in your server. This is known as an absolute URL.
For more info about URLs check:

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WorknHardrAuthor Commented:
Excellent, thx both...
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