How to upgrade Exchange 2010 on-premise mailboxes to version 0.10 ( or better?

Running SBS 2011 Standard using in-built on-premise Exchange 2010.   Some user mailboxes were created using AD tools and some were created using the in-built SBS wizards.  

When using the Outlook Web App, mailbox users created with the SBS wizards can access the "All Options" menu of the Outlook Web App and make use of the self-management tools.  

Users with mailboxes created using AD tools can not and encounter the error "Sorry! Access Denied.  You dont have permission to open this page. If you're a new user or were recently assigned credentials, please wait 15mins and try again".

I've determined the RoleAssignment Policy is not defined for the user mailboxes created with AD Tools.  

When I attempt to assign the default policy to these mailboxes using RBAC, I encounter the error message "Property RoleAssignmentPolicy can not be set on this object because it requires this object to have version 0.10 ( or later.  The object's current version is 0.1 (8.0.535.0)"

How do I achieve this?
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Been on leave so apologies for delay in responding .  Thanks for your assistance.
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