Printing over VPN Issue between 2 sites

I have a customer with 3 sites.
SITE1: is the main office where they are running a Linux based server and a bespoke piece of software.

SITE2 & 3: the other 2 sites are setup with LAN to LAN VPN's back to SITE 1. Both sub-sites have between 4 and 8 PC's running windows 8.1 with the front end of this software installed and working. To be able to print the main server at head office sends print request back over the VPN to local LAN based printers at SITE 2 & 3

Only one site 2 (4 PC's) is live the other is not. The issue they are having is that after a period of time the printer at site 2 no longer receives print requests and they build up till the machine is restarted at which point it will print.
All sites have DrayTek Vigor 2860's in situ with IPSEC LAN to LAN vpns
All routers at site are on 192.168.x.254

I have fixed the IP on the printer and added it to static list on the router. I can ping from SITE 1 back to the printer at SITE 2 with no problems and no packet loss

Does anyone have any ideas
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RicheyyyAuthor Commented:
I perhaps should have specified that my aim with this is not to solve it per se but to make sure it is nothing to do with the VPN and that was what we where contracted to setup for them. The printer itself and software are not our issue although obviously if I can help them I would. The very fact I can ping from main site to site 2 printer with no issue says to me that everything VPN wise is fine?
Check the printer setting. On some printer there are existing energy saving mode. That i had in a internal lan already and with the same error.

Maybe you can install a printserver on the remote sites? Its possible on windows 7 as well. See this article:

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RicheyyyAuthor Commented:
Ok thank you yes that is a good one to check, we try and avoid printer anything nowadays like the plague so I had wiped my "memory" of all things printer!
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