IF/THEN in PROC SQL statement of SAS

Having problems with an IF/THEN statement in a PROC SQL; statement of SAS.  What am I missing or doing wrong?  Not even getting any errors...just not doing what it should:

proc sql;
      create table NEW_TBL as
            select distinct
                  FIELD1, FIELD2, FIELD3, FIELD4, FIELD5,  
                  %IF &lob. = 'monkey' %THEN
                                                FIELD6, FIELD7
      from OLD_TBL;
Lee R Liddick JrReporting AnalystAsked:
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nemws1Database AdministratorCommented:

You are using macro %If's - so I assume you are running this in a Macro.

The best way to check what the output of a Macro is - is to use:


Open in new window

Then set the macro variable to 'monkey', and see what pops out in the log
Lee R Liddick JrReporting AnalystAuthor Commented:
This is in a macro...not sure where to put this mprint.  I'm tried a few things and nothing really is showing in the log.
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Lee R Liddick JrReporting AnalystAuthor Commented:
The case statement doesn't work in this.  I've tried a couple times a couple different ways...including the link you provided.
Aloysius LowCommented:
does changing  %IF &lob. = 'monkey' %THEN
to  %IF "&lob" = "monkey" %THEN help?

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Lee R Liddick JrReporting AnalystAuthor Commented:
YES...that did it.  Double quotes...really?  Thank you!
Aloysius LowCommented:
actually, because the value passed in was just monkey, thus to do a string comparison, you need to add quotation marks... however, when doing macros, single quotation marks results in the variable being un-parsed i.e. treated as literal value ('&lob' really means &lob instead of monkey), so you'll need to use double quotes to enclose both the variable ("&lob") and the string value ("monkey") :)

your original code would have worked if you had passed in 'monkey' instead of monkey into the macro
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