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I use a usb stick for smart card identification and the problem is that Windows ask me again and again my PIN finaly it works but what a waste of time. I was told that it is a problem with win 8.1. Any suggestions??
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
> Windows ask me again and again my PIN

in what situation will Windows ask you for the PIN?

> finaly it works

what do you mean by "it works"?
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
supposed usb token, which typically Single Sign-on only works with Passwords. Does not work with Smartcards. Or in case of TS connection, if the server you are connecting to cannot be authenticated via Kerberos or SSL certificate, Single Sign-On will not work. This include web SSO with smart cards is not supported.

Hence good to understand what is prompting for your PIN..there is Smartcard Crypto Provider that can cache PIN such that once key in it remember till smartcard removed etc. Really depends most of time on the provider driver installed in the machine. Also a smart card client service will facilitate the "SSO" like in this case mentioned 

3) After the software has been installed along with the "Advanced Configuration Manager" right click on the ActivClient system tray icon and go to "Advanced Configuration Manager". Choose the "Pin Caching Service" section. Be sure that the "Enable 'Include' application list" setting is set to "Yes" and that the "Enable 'OpenCard' application list" setting is set to "yes".

4) Double click on "Applications 'included' in PIN caching". The "Included" application list will pop up.
-Be aware that Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit have slight differences in their "Program Files" paths
-Windows 7 64 bit has a "Program Files (x86)" folder along with a "Program Files" folder
-Windows 7 32 bit has only a "Program Files" folder
yvangAuthor Commented:
I am working in the canadian health system and this usb smart card give me access to the patient file. So when I say it works, it means that finally I got the information I needed, but have to give my PIN 7times!
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yvangAuthor Commented:
I don't have access to the forum: guest cannot.(btan)
yvangAuthor Commented:
It is Windows security that ask me again and again the PIN.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
it is probably the smartcard client app and driver configuration on your machine which the service provider should better advise you, also can try on other machine too. it should be raise to their support concurrently (if they have online reporting or feedback).

Typical flow should not render so many prompt but each item may indirectly ask for identity which is more also on the appl to integrate ... For example, inserting a smart card into a reader can trigger the following events:
1. The smart card software verifies the identity of the cardholder to the provider and displays a photo on the registration screen.
2. The card optionally prompts for PIN entry or biometric data authentication.
3. The card automatically validates the visit and retrieves the correct medical record with the correct visit requirements, using the provider’s current registration software.
4. The card provides an audit trail at all check-in points for reporting to required agencies and for payment or disbursement of funds.

Better to consult the provider
yvangAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer. I tried on another computer: same problem. In fact it is the provider that tells me it is since win 8 that there is that problem and with the summer vacation it will take some time to fix the problem , (government employees...). In the meantime I have to work...I was hoping I can do something.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
understand as this is common among smart card provider when OS changes and their driver is not keeping up. if it is web portal prompt then probably some SSO soln can come into picture but for PIN based which comes from the client appl of provider, this can tough going even for SSO as I mentioned in first post - web SSO not supported

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