How to generate a SignatureValue for a SAML XML

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I should begin by saying that I am not a developer and have very little programming skills. With that being said I have a request to generate a 'SignatureValue' for a SAML XML. I have the x.509 certificate which was purchased from a third party. Research shows that the SignatureValue is the actual value of the digital signature used to sign the x.509 certificate.

But how do I pull that value/information from the x.509certificate?
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You simply need to export the certificate public key into base 64 format and open in notepad and copy the key blob.

You can then insert the public portion of your keypair into your xml.


When you mention the key blob I assume you are referring to the block of characters between the Begin and End Certificate statements?

There is another section in the SAML XML (ds:X509Certificate). This field is to be field with the certificate used to sign the SAML. I have exported the x509 format of the SSL key I am using from my third party vendor and put it in this field.

Exporting the public key into base 64 format and copying the key blob into the signaturevalue field would be putting the same information into two separate places, would it not? If I'm understanding you correctly I will be putting the same key blob information into the signaturevalue and the x509certificate fields?
This may be the signing of the token that you have done:

The signature will be a certificate the you have the private key for, which will be defined in your assertion.

what element is did you embed the x509 tag in ?

This is not extremely complicated but will require a lot of reading to better understand Idp and sso using SAML2.0

Some suggested reading:

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