Adobe premier cs6 opening file error

I installed Adobe Premier CS6 on my workstation and when I try and open a .prproj  file I keep getting the following error  "This project was last used with Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA), which is not available on this system. Mercury Playback Engine Software only will be used.
Adelaido JimenezDevOpsAsked:
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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Then you cannot use Mercury GPU Acceleration, you're stuck with software rendering.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Either enable Mercury or use software rendering. It won't affect quality, only render times.

See here for what Mercury and CUDA are and a list of compatible graphic cards:

Adelaido JimenezDevOpsAuthor Commented:
I've read the article but my video card is not on the list. I have and AMD graphics card.
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