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I am going to replace a customer’s old PBX with a Cisco CME/CUE solution.  They just added another requirement, which is huge, and I’m trying to figure it out.  This is a retirement facility.  The VOIP solution was going to be just for the office staff,etc, but we just found out that residents that live in the facility also get phone service via their current PBX.  So they actually provide them phone service and bill them for it. They have direct numbers to the rooms so they can be called directly from the outside.  They want reporting capabilities for the residents, so am researching a call accounting software now.  Can I integrate a 3rd party call accounting software with CME or do I need CUCM?  The business itself if getting all Cisco IP Phones, but that is not cost effective for the resident rooms.  They currently have normal two wire analog phones, and we want to keep them with what they are comfortable using.   Is using an ATA in each resident room the only way that they could continue to use their analog phones on the  VOIP system?  Can I still use the accounting software to look at placed  calls coming from their analog phones that are plugged into the ATA?  The business will have one main number and use CUE as an autoattendent , but residents will have direct numbers.  Any assistance would be helpful.
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greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:

How do you get charged for the phone calls, is this broken down per number, if it is, do you need billing software?
How do the phone numbers come in to your organisation is this isdn, sip or pstn.
You can use fxs cards instead of ata's, how many lines do you need to support.
Have you spoken to your service provider to see if they can help with a upgrade. Would be worth finding out what they would do and wont cost you anything if they offer a free estimate.
Have you thought about cisco licenses for the residents, this could be prohibitive.


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Re accounting, you can use CDR, snmptrap to account for calls from the cisco.
The data can be extracted and added into database.

Presumably the PBXs you are replacing is not broken! why not separate out the Office phones from the old PBX and then feed the old PBX from the cisco or a part of the inbound digital line.

The carrier and your cisco will include a voice gateway? The gateway could be configured with rules to route ........
If the old PBX can take a DSX feed ...

How many simultaneous calls are you getting on the feed?
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Rather than remove the old PBX, and then have to immediately replace it with several analog gateways (such as the VG224 or VG350).  It would make more sense to keep the old PBX around since it's already set up for the billing needs.  If you do remove the PBX & need billing functionality on CUCM, there are Cisco approved 3rd party add ons.[q]=call+billing  (copy and past the link)
denver218Author Commented:
deepdraw, the business side of things is going to go all VOIP.  As far as the residents go, they have about 80 lines.  Each of them have their own type of analog phone.  I am going to talk with the telco about costs and upgrading service.

arnold, I will be providing a the voice gateway.  The PBX is not broken.  From what they have told me they have 32 digital lines and 144 analog lines.  I think we can definitely find out the average numbers of calls and reduce costs by eliminating some lines.   I never thought about  actually connecting the Voice gateway router to the PBX.  What all needs to happen for something like this?

eeRoot, that is the solution I am actually pushing for.  Why buy more analog equipment if they can use the existing PBX for residents.  They use a program called TAPIT for call accounting.  Then the business side of things could go all VOIP.  Or I could somehow integrate the Voice gateway with the PBX like arnold said, but I'm unsure how that work and call routing works.
It depends on the PBX. Some cisco on which you would terminate the DSX1 feed/s, have options for FXS ports that could be used to feed the old PBX. The difficulty with pass through deals with how you will pass the called number from the cisco to the PBX behind it.

Many PBXs have the option of having a DSX/T1 feed versus an analog line and output to analog lines. Which existing PBX issued by the residents?

What do you mean 32 digital/144 analog?

When dealing with the telco/office get a complete picture of what they currently have.

There are VOIP feed into the PBX while the resident equipment remains analog.
greg wardSystems EngineerCommented:
Have you thought about how many voice-mail mailboxes you need and how many conference calls you will be able to handle for the business.
Have you looked at moving to incoming SIP lines as it might be a cheaper solution than analog/digital, you would probably lose the phone numbers you currently have...
Once you know exactly what your needs are and where you can be flexible you are in a good position to move forward.

denver218Author Commented:
thanks guys.  I think we are leaning for just using the VOIP for the business side of things, and using the old PBX for everything else.
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