unable to see all the files under public folder in document root path

Dear experts,

I wish to see all the files under the public folder but I wasn't able to configure the apache .conf file correctly that allows me to see all the files. When I access the public folder from browser, it will auto redirect me to my index.php. I wish to see other .php files as well.

I am using xampp to run my web.

Here is my setup:

DocumentRoot: D:\http\webroot\

for <Directory\> and <Directory D:\http\webroot> I didn't change anything which those are the default values been setup by xampp.

Do I need to make some changes there?

I have .htaccess file also. (I turn on the rewrite.so in apache)

Options +FollowSymlinks

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %[REQUEST_FILENAME] -s[OR]
RewriteCond %[REQUEST_FILENAME] -l [OR]
RewriteCond %[REQUEST_FILENAME] -d
RewriteBase /JADSystem
RewriteRule ^.*$ - [NC,L}
RewriteRule ^.*$ index.php [NC,L]

Let me know if I need to reconfigure it also. Thanks.
Kinderly WadeprogrammerAsked:
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Are you wanting to see the directory listing from the browser? Like a list of all files in that folder where you can click on the file to access it? If so, that's controlled by the directory auto-index (mod_autoindex) and the DirectoryIndex directive (mod_dir).

If you don't specify a file name, then Apache will look at DirectoryIndex. If the DirectoryIndex configuration contains "abc.php", then the server will look for a file called abc.php. If it finds it, then it will automatically use that. Otherwise, if it doesn't find abc.php or if DirectoryIndex is not configured, then it will check to see if mod_autoindex is enabled. If so, then it will generate that file listing page.

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Kinderly WadeprogrammerAuthor Commented:
Thanks gr8g. That's the answer I was looking for "DirectoryIndex"
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