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Really dumb question, but i haven't had to dig into IIS in some time.  

Anyway, got a web server that contains multiple sites under the default website.  When we browse to the site via ip or hostname, we hit the wrong one
goes ro
instead of

Where both of the above have their own paths and are under the default website
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If you browse via IP you will not get the desired result since IIS does not know what you are looking for, it will only give you what is there.

If there are multiple SITES as you indicated, you simply need to configure host headers for each and ensure the path maps to the CORRECT path for each site.

IIS can only work with the configuration it is given so check your host headers and default directory carefully for each site configured on the web server.


Well, that's what I'm looking for, where are those headers.  Again, I haven't worked much in IIS in years, and minimal in IIS7.  

Note, this usually works without issue.  A little more info
Product A is installed on the server.  Product A has  websites under Default Website (INCORRECT)
Product B is installed on the server.  Product B has websites under Default Website (CORRECT)

Everything works fine

Product A is upgraded, and overwrites the headers.

ok so first thing.

Anything "under a website" will be a subdirectory - or virtual directory

If you are looking to have separate website (own hostname etc) you will have to follow the steps below:
open iis manager - inetmgr
expand the server node
Create a new website for the site you want to resolve to for site B (e.g siteb.domain.com)
in configuring the site you will be able to set all the values (hostname, default directory etc)

If you can give me a screenshot of you current config I can help better to figure this out with you.
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OK, yeah, let em clarify:
By under "Website" I mean actually in the IIS tree under "Default Website" which has http/80 bound.  I have a secondary that FTP binds to (unrelated)

Each entry under there is a virtual directory.   WHen you brows by IP or hostname you always enIIS.pngd up in the "Communicator" site.  Ww need to be in the "ManagementStudio" site

As mentioned, these sites are auto-provisioned.  I could just run a repair install on the secondary product (but I'd much rather resolve it manually)

Note ManagmentStudio is physically under inetpub\ftproot\ManagementStudio
so check two things:
one look for the IP bound to the default website:
click on the default website and click on bindings on the left, it should show if it is using all ips or a specific ip
two, check the default directory of the default website (unless there is some application specific behavior I would bet it is pointing to Communicator, or whatever the path is to communicator)

PS. I would suggest if there is a known method to resolve this, that you use that instead of making manual changes, you could break other flows without realizing.


I totally understand the concern with the manual fix, but I am very familiar with how everything operates that I know  it won't be an issue (I've fixed this same problem in the past, I just didn't notate well).  The main issue is this system is mission critical and re-install will cause an outage of over an hour.  The webpage is only for management of the system, not part of it's actual operation.   That requires a maintenance window, and I am trying to resolve without that (who wants to work after hours!!!)

Anyway, checking those items, I appreciate the tips.
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you should be adding a website and not just add a virtual directory under the default website for many reasons one being security.
Did you make any progress in investigating this issue based on the ip binding in IIS ?

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