My remote connection to Exchange 2010 has changed

I have a problem with my 2010 exchange server and connecting remotely by web or phone.  We did change our internet service provider and we did get a new static IP.  I reprogrammed our Cisco router with the new IP and the internet service works fine.  The mail works fine because we use POP accounts at each workstation so that the server is not handling internet mail.  We were able to get into the exchange server using outlook web access before by using the internet address I am not sure I understand where the new information about the new IP would be added to make that address work again.  I know the is hosted by network solutions.  Because we use POP accounts I believe there would be no MX or A records to change as far as IP addressed pointing to our exchange server.  Does anybody know where the necessary change needs to be made?
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Yes you're need to check your Network Solutions account and see whom you're using as a NS (Name Server) most likely you're using Network Solutions for that as well. If you are then you need to modify the DNS of your Name Server and update the record for to point to the new static IP you just received. Once you update it usually takes 24-72 hours to propagate across the internet depending on your TTL (Time to Live) (essentially how long DNS servers across the internet should cache your record)

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captjcretAuthor Commented:
Network Solutions was hosting the remote.domainname.  I modified the A record to point to the new IP and I am sure everything will be fine.  Thanks!
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