DFS namespace in Active directory, sharing same namespace

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Hello all,

I am not sure if things are working as expected, or I am having a problem.  (Everything is Windows 2012R2)

I have two AD domain controllers that are working fine.  I have to File servers that have DFS installed.

When I browse to \\domain, I see NETLOGON and SYSVOL.  In order to get to my DFS namespace, I must \\domain\namespace.  I can not simply see that "namespace" when I am at \\domain.

I WANT to be able to look at \\domain, and see the shares"


I had originally thought that DFS would populate this into the AD namespace.

I know that I can install DFS on my AD servers and it will populate that namespace, but it seems that isn't recommended in everything that I have read.  Besides....maybe it is suppose to be there already and isn't.  Everything I am reading says it should have been there.
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For the namespace to be populated while browsing the domain you must have all of your domain controllers for that domain added to the NameSpace.


In other words......I have to install DFS on my domain controllers and make them Namespace Servers?


DUH!!!!  I just figured it out.....I think DFS is already installed on Windows 2012r2.  All I had to do was add the server into the Namespace Servers
Brad GrouxSenior Manager (Wintel Engineering)

Yup =D

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