Is it possible to replicate advanced Access functionality (created using VBA and SQL stmts) using Sharepoint Developer?

I use VBA and SQL statements to access recordsets, update data, retrieve data, display pop up forms, etc. Can this same functionality be created using SharePoint Developer?
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
I not sure what "Sharepoint Developer" is - can you explain further?

If you're referring to 2013 Web Apps, then no you cannot use standard VBA methods to do any of these things. Web Apps can use the macro language only, and it's somewhat limited compared to what you can do with macros in a desktop Access app. If your application needs are fairly non-complex, then a Web App may be the right platform.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Not a Sharepoint expert but...

From what I understand, Sharepoint uses Visual Studio as it's platform, my guess is that you can do the same things as you can in Access, addition to a lot more.

Just not that MS access development is a "Desktop" environment.
Sharepoint is geared more for the web.

So the User interface will be quite different.

For example, in a web app, you typically don't have multiple forms open that you can move around on the screen.

Just know that moving from Access to sharepoint development requires a totally different way of thinking.
Sharepoint is not just a "more advanced" version of VBA, is a different platform altogether.

Some things will be similar, ... Loops, variables, controls, ...etc
But things need to be much more structured than in Access.

Access is classified as a "Rapid Application Development" platform.

So a good Access developer can throw together a basic app in a few days.
This will NOT be the case for a similar app created in Sharepoint.

The average Access developer opening up Visual Studio for the first time will be totally lost.

When you move to Sharepoint you are typically moving to Web development.


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