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I need to implement online chat in my web application?
Please suggest some example or approach ?
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käµfm³d 👽Commented:
You'll want to take a look at Node.js or SignalR.
Do you want something simple in JSP?
RockingAuthor Commented:
yes jsp and servlet
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There are some already written. Look at   
But, if you want something really simple, we could write some code here. What are your requirements?
RockingAuthor Commented:
a simple program with user can do online chat with the administrator like that in experts exchange
I found time to start on this. I coded it the simplest way that I could think of doing it. There certainly is a lot more to do.  Right now, it is all on one page.  Later the chat can be in a separate window that refreshes  itself or uses AJAX. Later we can add a HttpSessionListener to remove invalid sessions from the map. Or the admin could remove old chats manually. Later we could use usernames for display. Maybe later we might think about thread safety if its a problem. Please copy, paste, and test.
<%@ page import="java.util.HashMap" %>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c"%>
  HashMap<String,String> map = (HashMap<String,String>)application.getAttribute("map");
  if(map == null){
                   map = new HashMap<String,String>();
  String id = session.getId();
  String message = request.getParameter("m");
  String userId = request.getParameter("i");
  if(userId != null && !"".equals(userId.trim()))id = userId;
  if(message != null && !"".equals(message.trim())){
		String chat = map.get(id);
		chat += message + "<br/>";
<c:if test='${ == "password"}'>
	<c:forEach items="${map}" var="item">
		${item.key} = ${item.value} <br/>
<c:if test='${ != "password"}'>
<c:if test='${ == "password"}'>
  Admin, enter id you want to talk to<input type="text" name="i">
  Type message<input type="text" name="m">
  <input type="submit">
    If you are admin Enter admin password<input type="text" name="ad" value="${}">

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