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Filtering gmail inbox

Last Modified: 2014-11-12
in my gmail inbox i have more than 2000 messages , i found lazy to sort it time by time
now i'm going to filter it and delete which i don't like
1- how to sort all messages by sender , to easy solve it ? the available option now is to open each message and select "filter messages like this" , no , i want the inbox to be filters by sender , or by date ,, etc
2-i created one folder to remove some messages to it , the available option now if you open one message you can select "move to folder" , but when i select bulk messages , there is no option to move to folder , i drag it to that folder from inbox , but i found that not  moved , but copied to the other folder , means the messages stay in both folders , inbox & sub_folder , i tried to delete one message , it deleted from both inbox & the sub_folder
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Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution Guide

Why delete anything? The power of Gmail is the Google search engine. I have 10s of thousands of emails in my inbox. I use labels and auto filters to categorize everything.  Watch out for the way filets are applied though as I have had to alter some when they were no longer working properly.


Why delete anything?
because i think there is a limited space for my inbox , i don't know how to check how much my inbox percentage full
I use labels and auto filters to categorize everything
pls send me the steps
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution Guide

Be glad to. On my phone right now,  but I will send it to you tomorrow when I get into my office.
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Still I not got an answer of 2 questions :          1- how to sort inbox by sender.                       2- the messages which I label them , they still in both inbox and the label , how to just keep them in the label and delete them from inbox
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution Guide

I guess the real question is why?  You need to delineate what you want as an outcome first and foremost.  Once you have that it will be easier to determine the best way to get there.

In its natural unaltered state Gmail is not a full featured mail client.  It uses labels and a limited number of tabs instead of sub mailboxes (there is really only your inbox and your archived mail).  To archive just check any email or select all and then click the archive icon (the first one)archive-on-gmail.PNG.

Remember that archived email is still there and searchable.


please now how to solve my last issue : some messages now labeled as : inbox/(sub_label)
if i delete it from inbox , it will delete from all , how to just keep it in the sub label
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution Guide

There is an x next to each label.  Click the x to remove the label.  Generally everything has a label of "inbox" and can also have other labels and sublabels.  If you actually have a sublabel of inbox, then you are, IMHO, using labels incorrectly.  A sublabel of inbox would look like inbox/sublabel.  To create such a label you would have had to create a label and made it's parent inbox.  I don't have any of my literally hundreds of labels as a child label to inbox.

If you do have a child label to your inbox, do the following:

assign a new label and or parent/child label to the message
click the x next to the inbox/sublabel choice to remove the label (this also archives the message)
Click the other label to search on all email with that label
Click the email that does NOT have the inbox label next to it (archived)
Click the arrow next to the folder icon at the top and choose to move to inbox (this reassigns the inbox label)

The attached images show two emails

This one has a parent/child label and is in the inbox as well
Email with a parent/child labelThis one is how it looks after you click the x next to the inbox label thereby archiving the email
Email subject view with inbox label removed on one email
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