Excel powershell Mass create of linked user accounts

hi experts,

in the attachment you can find an example how to create linked master accounts from excel with powershell.

Any idea to change that to handle mass user like 30 and maybe only fill the first field "displayname"  and query
the other fields (samaccountname, mailnickname) directly from AD in excel??
The generated powershell lines should be copy and paste to powershell window manually.
appreciate for your help

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Mandy_Author Commented:
Nobody an idea?  Thanks in advance

QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
We can leave the PowerShell topic aside; this is completely to be solved inside Excel, because it is all about reading LDAP properties from AD to enter info in Excel. The PS code is auto-generated by a formula.

The VBA code would work exactly as you request if you add the additional calculations in columns D onwards, with the PS "script" referring to them. Important: don't use column headers in row 1 for those additional columns. That way the VBA script does not think that columns are LDAP attributes to read into Excel.

In detail, put the following formulas in the respective cells, and drag them down:
D2:  =WECHSELN(WECHSELN(KLEIN(RECHTS(A2;(LÄNGE(A2))-(SUCHEN(",";A2))-1)&"."&LINKS(A2;(SUCHEN(",";A2)-1))&"@"&G2);" ";"");"/";"")
E2:  =KLEIN(C2) & "@" & G2
F2:  ="X400:C=DE;A=ATTMAIL;P=LH;O=SWISS;S="&GROSS(LINKS(A2;SUCHEN(",";A2)-1))&";G="&RECHTS(A2;(LÄNGE(A2))-(SUCHEN(",";A2))-1)
G2:  test.com
H2:  ="Disable-ADAccount -Identity "&B2&";Start-Sleep -s 20;Enable-Mailbox -Identity "&B2&" -Alias "&C2&" -LinkedMasterAccount 'ad\"&C2&"' -LinkedDomainController 'SWRQLHADDC05.ad.test.com' -LinkedCredential $creds;Start-sleep -s 15;Set-Mailbox -Alias "&C2&" -CustomAttribute4 'LA' -CustomAttribute10 'LA' -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false -EmailAddresses 'smtp:"&B2&"@test.DE','"&F2&"','SMTP:"&D2&"','smtp:"&E2&"@test.com' -Identity "&B2&""

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Though, the last part (setting smtp:) is wrong. E2 (former A5) contains the complete email, and you append "@test.com" again. H2 should hence be:
="Disable-ADAccount -Identity "&B2&";Start-Sleep -s 20;Enable-Mailbox -Identity "&B2&" -Alias "&C2&" -LinkedMasterAccount 'ad\"&C2&"' -LinkedDomainController 'SWRQLHADDC05.ad.test.com' -LinkedCredential $creds;Start-sleep -s 15;Set-Mailbox -Alias "&C2&" -CustomAttribute4 'LA' -CustomAttribute10 'LA' -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false -EmailAddresses 'smtp:"&B2&"@test.DE','"&F2&"','SMTP:"&D2&"','smtp:"&E2&"' -Identity "&B2&""

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Mandy_Author Commented:
Hi qlemo,

thanks so much.  Unfortunately the end the fields are not resolve:
Pls see my attached document. appreciate for your help

'="X400:C=DE;A=ATTMAIL;P=LH;O=SWISS;S="&GROSS(LINKS(A2;SUCHEN(",";A2)-1))&";G="&RECHTS(A2;(LÄNGE(A2))-(SUCHEN(",";A2))-1)','SMTP:=WECHSELN(WECHSELN(KLEIN(RECHTS(A2;(LÄNGE(A2))-(SUCHEN(",";A2))-1)&"."&LINKS(A2;(SUCHEN(",";A2)-1))&"@"&G2);" ";"");"/";"")','smtp: =KLEIN(C2) & "@" & G2' -Identity D555555

Disable-ADAccount -Identity D555555;Start-Sleep -s 20;Enable-Mailbox -Identity D555555 -Alias test -LinkedMasterAccount 'ad\test' -LinkedDomainController 'SWRQLHADDC05.ad.test.com' -LinkedCredential $creds;Start-sleep -s 15;Set-Mailbox -Alias test -CustomAttribute4 'LA' -CustomAttribute10 'LA' -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false -EmailAddresses 'smtp:D555555@test.DE','="X400:C=DE;A=ATTMAIL;P=LH;O=SWISS;S="&GROSS(LINKS(A2;SUCHEN(",";A2)-1))&";G="&RECHTS(A2;(LÄNGE(A2))-(SUCHEN(",";A2))-1)','SMTP:=WECHSELN(WECHSELN(KLEIN(RECHTS(A2;(LÄNGE(A2))-(SUCHEN(",";A2))-1)&"."&LINKS(A2;(SUCHEN(",";A2)-1))&"@"&G2);" ";"");"/";"")','smtp: =KLEIN(C2) & "@" & G2' -Identity D555555

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QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
The formulas have not been evaluated, but stored as text. Don't know why exactly, as just pressing return on all columns helped with exception of E, where I had to remove the leading space. Correct XLSM attached.

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Mandy_Author Commented:
Great Work. Well done.Thank you so much
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