how to Find a record on my form based on the value I selected in my combo box

I placed a combo box ( Combo31 ) on form Causal Factors (Causal_Factors)  and I am trying to have the combo box “Find a record on my form based on the value I selected in my combo box”. The values are the field “INCIDENT TITLE:”  in the “1-Incident-tbl” table.
When I go to Add Existing Field the “INCIDENT TITLE:”  field is not listed.

I have uploaded the DB twice. Once with no ZIP and one that is zzipped
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Helen FeddemaCommented:
The combo box should be unbound, and have a row source that is the same as the form, or a subset of it.  Usually the first column is an ID field (set its width to zero if you don't want to see it in the drop-down list), and the 2nd column shows something meaningful for selection.  Here is some standard code:
Private Sub cboSelect_AfterUpdate()
'Created by Helen Feddema 29-Apr-2011
'Last modified by Helen Feddema 29-Apr-2011

On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

   Dim strSearch As String

   'For text IDs
   strSearch = "[______ID] = " & Chr$(39) & Me.ActiveControl.Value _
      & Chr$(39)

   'For numeric IDs
   strSearch = "[______ID] = " & Me.ActiveControl.Value

   'Find the record that matches the control
   Me.Recordset.FindFirst strSearch

   Exit Sub

   MsgBox "Error No: " & Err.Number _
      & " in " & Me.ActiveControl.Name & " procedure; " _
      & "Description: " & Err.Description
   Resume ErrorHandlerExit

End Sub

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cssc1Author Commented:
   I did all that I know about the code you gave me. See the attached.
Helen FeddemaCommented:
I modified the combo box AfterUpdate event as needed, but it won't work with Incident_ID, because that is not the key field for the table.  You need to use the key field, which for this table is Event_ID, so I used that instead.  I also put this field on the form, since you have an Event_Description field filled with data that is misleading (it says "this is event no. 3" for Event_ID 1, and so forth, which is confusing).  The modified database is attached.

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Helen FeddemaCommented:
Also, I suggest giving all controls meaningful prefixes.  My freeware LNC Rename add-in does this semi-automatically; you can download the version for your Office version from one of these links:

Access 2000 - 2003:

Access 2007 - 2013:
cssc1Author Commented:
Thanks Helen.

I appreciate your help and advice.
cssc1Author Commented:
Thanks Helen.

I appreciate your help and advice.
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