Mail redirect Issue

Hey Everyone,

I am currently having an issue. My hosting is on a Windows Server (2012), using hMailserver and WebsitePanel, and have recently setup a Linux Account for emails only due to Windows inability to do anything mail related correctly or without issue. I have changed the MX records and the CNAME as it should be, all the DNS is fine and working. The issue is I want to have my clients log-in to to access their email. The problem comes in with re-directing the Linux account that holds the MX records, to redirect from,, or in this case since the MX records are the only change, (elk is the server) TO that the clients are used to using.

Keep in mind the DNS is working fine with MX / CNAME changes on the ASP Windows Server side. It's only the overall redirect of the log-in I need assistance in getting right, whether via a .htaccess re-direct or whatever means that aren't coming to mind at the moment. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
First of all, I only have a limited understanding of mail and DNS internals. I can only try to help you in analysing the problem.

To me, your question is clear as mud. I get the impression it contains a lot of details but not the bigger picture. Can you describe the intended behaviour of your environment, e.g. A sends a mail to B, etc.? Can you add the error messages that you get, if any? And can you add details about how you configured the environment? Why Linux and Windows? Why do you mention the log in?
are you trying to do the redirect at domain reg/dns level or redirecting from your own webserver?
ForFracksSakeAuthor Commented:
Okay.. Sorry for the the delay.

For the gentleman's old ASP.NET account, the mail login is . However with the new Linux Server I created him (where the email is running through now), the login is to webmail and is eithe or I want to redirect this correctly to so the client's customers don't have to change the way they logged on prior. I know it's a cluster*, but there's got to be a way to do this. Keep in mind, all the DNS with the exception of the MX record are on the ASP.NET (WebsitePanel) Windows Server.
ok. to confirm: you have a Linux server serving webmail on a different url than the old one and you want to redirect the old url to this new address?

If this is correct, you need to amend the topics of the question as you're looking at windows experts in this bit. you need someone to help you redirect one URL to another on your Linux server.

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