TDataModule component count limit

Roger Alcindor
Roger Alcindor used Ask the Experts™
I seem to recall that there is a limit of 32 design-time data components supported on a single DataModule  such as TADOconnection, TADOQuery etc.

Is this correct ? I haven't found this in the BCB 5 help.
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How did you come to this assumption?

I'm working with data modules containing definitely more than 32 components...


I remember coming across this about 13 years ago when using Borland C++ Builder 5 enterprise which I still use to support existing applications.
I had to add a datamodule to an application and move some components to the new datamodule in order to get the application to work. I have a particularly large application that exhibits an occasional failure and am considering the addition of another datamodule to contain excessive components from the existing 4 datamodules, all of which have more than 32 components. The occasional failure would seem to be a loss of connection to an SQL Server 2005 database.
This change will require a non-trivial amount of coding to change the references to components that have been moved so I would like to be sure of my facts before doing this.

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