End Invasion of US by Central America with Warships?

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas warns us that the “children’s invasion” puts “our continued existence at risk.” Gohmert wants "to pull out all the stops and use all troops and 'warships' to stop the 'invasion'.

Should USA withdraw all troops and warships from near east and middle east to end the invasion from Central America?

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Since I don't see an intelligent Central American Policy coming fgrom either side of the House, it seems like that's the only option. :)

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SunBowAuthor Commented:
Closing. [Abandoned (3 Days)]

Footnote: It was some similar comment I'd seen by some 'talking head' 'retired general' that prompted MQ. <sad> I was unable to find it available to post, The 'expert' was responding to Obama to having suggested aiding Iraqi refugees up on a mountain. The general said it was no longer possible since the closest US air was in Italy and Greece. His comment aired shortly after Obama announced the successful return of air transport and fighter escort to Turkey, followed by two air strikes from Naval warships.

"The beat goes on"

[wonderment re: disinformation]
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