Recommendation for Windows utility to scan and print to printer or fax

I'm looking for a Windows utility that lets users scan documents using their scanner and print them to either a laser printer or to the PC's fax "printer". It must have different scan and print profiles, so that the document feeder or flatbed of the scanner can be selected, as well as different target printers (laser or fax). Ideally, there should be a number of predefined source/target combinations that can be selected quickly with one mouse click, without the need to change source and target manually in the settings panel each time one uses the software (which usually involves many mouse clicks and selections).

I have used Avision's Button Manager, but now there's a Fujitsu scanner and the Avision software - to no surprise - only works with their scanners.

I have found many "Photocopy Utility/ies", but they don't have the ease of use I require when working with different sources and target printers.

A freeware would, of course, be preferred, but if there's only a commercial program, some bucks can be spared...

Thank you for your recommendation,

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I'd suggest VueScan. I bought a license and it works fine.
StaudteAuthor Commented:
I don't see that this program can store combinations of source and target settings that can then be activated with one (or two) mouseclicks. One has to go over the process of selecting input and output and define scan parameters each time one uses the tool. This is not meeting the key requirement.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:

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StaudteAuthor Commented:
Pretty close to what I was looking for. The UI doesn't directly address all my needs, but as it can be controlled using commandline parameters I can create desktop icons for the tasks I need. Thanks for the suggestion!
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