Profile Issue Win 7

In short, received call went to clients because they fell for the bogus phone call from Microsoft about their PC polluting the internet.

After a short while and allowing them (bogus caller) to link into their PC, they realized it was bogus, hung up and rebooted PC.  After rebooting they found legit article on Microsoft website about bogus phone calls.   They followed steps on Microsoft website to check PC and even loaded Microsoft Essentials.  Their scan found nothing, but then they called me because they were concerned.

Went to home, PC booted normally under the only user profile on startup screen after entering password.  Installed Malwarebytes PRO, ESET AV and deleted ME.  Ran scans and PC came back clean.  Several successful reboots and sign in before I left.

Client called later and said they were now getting this error on their attempt to log on to this PC:  "User Profile Service failed the logon.  User Profile cannot be loaded"

I am assuming that steps found here will resolve this problem:  Open to other quicker suggestions if you have one?

I will not be back on the PC until Tuesday, so I also do not know what sign on profiles I will or will not get via F8 so I am assuming, at this point, only the one that cannot sign on since there are no other choices when the PC starts.  Fingers crossed that in safe mode I can get into this account.

Any thoughts would be appreciated to make this go well and quick!  I assume the only way to create a new admin account, should logging on at F8 fails, is via inserting a windows disk and booting to a prompt there and creating a new admin account or making the admin account active?

Thanks in advance!
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Can you do a System Restore? If so, this will probably fix the problem.

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StardotstarAuthor Commented:
Have not checked, but I would have to re-install the AV and MB software if I do a system restore.  Then would I not just return to a corrupted state?
Hopefully the System Restore would undo the damage caused by the scammers. Yes, you would need to reinstall AV & MB. I have repaired numerous computers this way after they have been hacked.
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Startdotstart, I have followed that same Microsoft Article (Method 1) before and fixed this error.  It seems like a lot of steps, but if you follow it precisely, it should do the job.
It is easy enough to reinstall those AV but normally with system restore it does not restore /fix deleted files/
but the bigger question what have they done since you went?
It's possible the scans found intrusions in the profile data and removed them, you could check the logs of the scanners some have a system restore.

I'd see if safemode with cmd prompt works/ if safemode is available accessible as well
In safemode check the user profile/s
Control Panel\System and Security\System or rightclick computer properties>advanced
Do they have a pass word reset disc?
You can try this
All you need is a copy of the Windows installation disk and one simple command line trick.
Resetting Your Forgotten Windows Password
Boot off the Windows disk and select the “Repair your computer” option from the lower left-hand corner.
Follow through until you get to the option to open the Command Prompt, which you’ll want to select.
How to Reset Your Forgotten Windows Password the Easy Way
How to Bypass and Reset the Password on Every Operating System
and this one is good>
The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.
How to Fix the Error "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded."
Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate.
Create a Windows password recovery tool USB/CD/DVD.
Reboot your PC with the password reset disk.
Follow the wizard to create new Windows local account.
After you create the new user account, read this article to copy the files from the old account to the new one.

But please be aware whatever you try if possible donot lose their profile Data or delete it
StardotstarAuthor Commented:
So I went back today, followed the steps but after renaming user registry, rebooted and it asked me to sign in.  So I typed the user name and password and it started, but no desktop or files.

So I restored back in time.

StardotstarAuthor Commented:
Excellent Stardotstar  thanks..
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