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I'm in the process of migrating 4 people from using their host's IMAP email to Office 365 and since this is the first time I'm doing this, I need some help. I know there is a plethora of information out there but I still want to double-check before cutting their old service.

My question is about the steps:

I bought licenses from Microsoft, I created the account and I verified the domain. If I understood correctly, the next step would be to create an .csv file with people's email, username and password and uploaded into Exchange. Next, I migrate their items from the old email into the new accounts and finally, modify the MX records to get the flow to the new Microsoft servers.

Did I get it right?

Thank you so much for the help! Please excuse my ignorance if I got something wrong.
Alan DalaITAsked:
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds about right.

The CSV is used with the migration wizard, basically the wizard will use the credentials provided within the CSV to connect to your IMAP server and fetch the mail data. It will then continue to sync the data every 24h, so you can keep this going for a while if needed. Once you have moved all the mail, you can change the MX and then complete the migration batch.

For detailed information you can refer to the TechNet article, note the Best practices section (limitations, CSV format, notifications, etc):
Alan DalaITAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response!

I just find out that actually they have their email setup as POP3 so basically that leaves me with two options; I can either migrate their email as a PST file or add their old email account to the new email server. Is my assumption correct? If it is, would you recommend one of those two solutions as the better one?

Again, thank you for the help.
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
First of all, check if there is any possibility to enable IMAP access to those mailboxes.

If not, PST export/import is the needed if want to preserve the mailbox content. Or you can just configure both the old and new accounts in Outlook, so they can manually move contacts, appointments, notes, important messages, etc.

Once they have all the needed items in the new mailboxes, you can switch the MX.
Alan DalaITAuthor Commented:
For IMAP access I needs to check with their provider, correct?

Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
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