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Strip size for Window SQL Server

Need to configure different RAID group on the Window 2008 R2 SQL Server. What is the recommended strip size for

1. OS (RAID 1)
2. SQL TempDB
3. SQL Log
4. SQL Data

Default setting for RAID is 64K. Will that be too big for OS ? Tks
3 Solutions
RAID10 or RAID60 64K  stripe size should be fine, for all of those.
You definitely don't want large stripes such as 128K  with a typical SQL server workload.
You're going to want to make sure you format all the above  (except OS)
with a 64K  allocation size within NTFS as well,  when formatting the disk within Windows to create the NtFS filesystem.

If in doubt, your storage vendor should generally provide some best practice guides for SQL server.
For most they could generally be summarized as:

* No RAID5.
* Provide plenty of battery-backed cache memory.
* 4K/default allocation unit size for boot drive, 64K allocation unit size and stripe width for all other volumes.
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
If the OS is on a separate drive set, 4K usually works best for it.

SQL Server data files generally work best at 64K.

SQL Server log files can vary much more.  Anything from 16K to 64K could be best, but 64K is certainly acceptable, and would keep things simpler by having the data stripe size match the log stripe size.
andyalderSaggar makers bottom knockerCommented:
Bigger than 64K may have a slight detrimental effect since one single disk may be needed to get two 64k extents from so they would have to queue, smaller than 64K can have much worse effect since more than one of your disks will be tied up for each extent you read and you really want them to be reading one each.
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AXISHKAuthor Commented:
Do u mean I should just keep 64K strip size for each RAID group, correct ?
andyalderSaggar makers bottom knockerCommented:
Only meant for SQL data, but what controller is it. "strip size" suggests HP and they generally use a large strip size by default as it's best for most things.
AXISHKAuthor Commented:

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