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I have a Wordpress site I have been asked to edit by removing a submenu item. While the top-level menu items are in Admin under Appearance - Menus (and can easily be edited here), the submenus do not. I can see they have been created using superfish.
Menus available for edit in Admin. No submenus!

I have little experience with wordpress so have set the site up at for experimenting on. (Most images didn't move, but I can do without them for now.) If you think you can advise me how to delete a submenu and would like access to admin and/or cPanel, please let me know.

Many thanks for any assistance/advice you can offer.
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Either Wordpress can display a menu from that admin area you found, or it can build the menu itself with "child" pages appearing in a submenu below "parent" pages.

If you make a new page in Wordpress and on the right hand side below the Publish button, select the "Parties" page in the parent pulldown menu, then Publish it, does your new page appear in the Parties submenu?  If so, Wordpress is creating the menu itself and not using that hand-made menu in the admin area.

What do you want to be able to do, remove a page completely (and its entry in the submenu) or keep the page and remove the link from the menu?

If you've already removed a page and the menu entry for it still remains, I suspect the menu is hard coded in the theme.

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DanimikaAuthor Commented:
I carried out your little experiment and found that Wordpress did indeed create the menu item itself. Hooray! Thankyou very much for your help, not to mention patience at my lack of Wordpress knowledge. Since I needed to remove both page and associated sub-menu item, the task was easy - just delete the page. You've made my day.
DanimikaAuthor Commented:
Quick reply, and the response covered a few possible scenarios not clarified in my question. One scenario was the one I needed - perfect.
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