MacBook and PC can't ping each other?

So, this is odd... I have a windows laptop and a macbook that are on the same wireless router.  They should be able to ping each other, right?  I look at the network properties and both can ping the same "default gateway" but don't get a response when I try to ping the other from either one.

I look at the routing table on my wireless router and confirm that both are connected at the expected IP addresses.

I checked that the firewall is turned off on the MacBook, but don't know what else to check.  Anything else I should check?

Ultimately I'm trying to establish a TCP connection between the two, but I figure if I can't ping then I probably won't be able to do that either.

Thanks for any thoughts.
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Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
Maybe the ping is blocked by the router? You can always try to connect to your Windows laptop from the Macbook to see if that works

If ping is blocked it doesn't automatically mean that other services are blocked or not working.
MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
Did you check the firewall on the PC? Check Windows firewall, and also check any other firewalls you may have (like Symantec or McAfee).
Check that your subnet is the same on both computers (or whatever) needs to be the same on both.
You can also try creating a host file on each:

Now, that last one is a patch more than a fix, but at least you will now if you're getting connections.

Run a tracert from PC and Mac.. to see if you can identify the stopping point. Check out logs on both sides, they should tell you if they blocked communication.

That's a good starting point :)

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RonMexicoAuthor Commented:
Per the first links, I shared a folder on the PC and couldn't connect to it from the Mac.

I confirmed that they are on the same subnet mask

I don't think I need to edit the hostfile because I have been using IP addresses, right?

I also confirmed that both can ping a resource in common (a music player also on my wireless router).

Very weird, any other ideas?
RonMexicoAuthor Commented:
Turns out it had something to do with my router?  Put them on the same subnet at work and it works fine.  Anyway, closing this out.  Thanks for the answers...
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