Anki - Three-Sided Card

I'm working on a Psychology course and using Anki for Flashcards.

There's lots of definitions for this course. For example:

FRONT: Attribution Process
BACK: We try to keep consistent perceptions of people; believing a person's behavior comes from inside of them, their personality , which we think we know. But, most behavior is affected by our situations, the context.

Ok. So far so good. Easy to test, front and back or back to front.

However, what I need is to add a statement, like:

"Can you help me understand your thinking here?"

This statement should, when shown to me, make me recall the name of the concept. And / or the definition. Perhaps even both.

So, this seems to be like a three-sided card. (A somewhat elusive thing, like Bigfoot - much discussed. Seldom seen?) I'm wondering how I could pull this off from a single template. So that I'm tested on both the Front and the back, but then also prompted by the third note, this Statement.

It seems to me that, as I understand things so far, the only way it could be done would be with a different template, generating more cards? If that's true here’s my thinking: somehow that seems inefficient. Is there any way I can use all three of these notes in one, efficiently? I'm open to more templates, if that's the only way it could be pulled off. But, since there are 500+ terms like this, I'm looking for a way of not having to enter the information all over again. This is why, ideally, I'm seeing a single template that can handle the question in all three ways:




and even


What do you think?

Many thanks!

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Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
You can physically implement a 3-faced card. But it would be a solid, rather than a card, of equilateral triangular section. Although more awkward to use, the subject would only ever see one of the 3 faces, if you did it right.
Perhaps if you keep that physical object in mind, you will find it easier to implement a template to model it. You could use Front, Back and Side (say) but it might work better to use side1, side2 and side3 which could morph into side[1], side [2] and side[3] i.e. an array of sides. Now you have the possibility to go to more than 3 sides in the future with minimal effort

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Having participated in courses like this years back, the concept of reaching the internal problem was through re-association to a time when we were too young to understand an experience, now older we speak to the younger person.
reliving the original cause at childhood so the older can then understand and replace the confusion
with this in mind
Like the yin and yang joined together
Two faces like yin and yang  inner and outer?
just for ideas
two faces
oaktreesAuthor Commented:
Thankkkk you!!
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