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Excel Hang

Last Modified: 2014-08-24
I will like to ask,

my users are complain that there excel always hang when they are working on the file or when starting up the excel sheet.

This is just not 1 user but multiple users. I know that there open like 5 to 10 excel files simultaneously when working on any individual sheet. Is there a limit to that?

Each excel file could be contain just numbers and some contains lots of photo.

I am out of idea but their excel just keep on hanging.

Any advise?
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This is a very general question because there is no overview of the situation. And normally Excel doesn't hang but it takes quite some time to execute the current process, so patience will eventually work.

First off, what are the specs of the machines you are using? Are these good enough to work with the calculations users are trying to do? Are these files on a network drive? Are there specific files the users have these issues with or do they even have these issues when creating new files?

And Excel doesn't have a limit of open files (other than the max capacity of your machine) so i don't believe that being the cause. 5 to 10 documents open is not that much of a constraint on the machine.


Most of the users are using i5 or i7 with min 4GB ram. Some with 8GB ram also facing the same problem. All the files are located at local drive.

I have waited for then 10-20 mins and the symbol still spinning.

What documents are they actually using?? Are these documents with a lot of links to maybe files on a network share? Otherwise i would first suggest to try and do a repair of Office as it seems there is an issue with Excel itself.

How many CPU resources does Excel take up, all or close to none?


Well the cpu performance is running not more then 10 percent. No all the files and link are from the same worksheet located on the local hard drive.

Even though new laptops are facing the same issue especially Dell laptops. Some of our users are running on toshiba and they do not encounter any problems.
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