sencha extjs combobox with queryMode remote sends empty strings rather than the typed in value

i'm trying to deal with autocompletion from yahooAPI which works (using a web browser) using the following url

and yields results such as (for the previous example which queries for values matching 'aaaa')

YAHOO.Finance.SymbolSuggest.ssCallback({"ResultSet":{"Query":"aaaa","Result":[{"symbol":"AAAAX","name": "DWS Alternative Asset Allocation A","exch": "NAS","type": "M","exchDisp":"NASDAQ","typeDisp":"Fund"}]}})

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the problem i experience is whatever is typed in the field, sencha sends a query, and adds the 'query' parameter as expected (or eny other parameter name i try) but with an empty value rather than the field's contents

i'm using the version available here (also tried 5.0.1 : same problem)

here is the model

		Ext.define('symbolsList', {
			extend: '',
			fields: [
				{name: 'symbol', type: 'string'},
				{name: 'name',  type: 'string'},
				{name: 'exch', type: 'string'},
				{name: 'type', type: 'string'},
				{name: 'typeDisp', type: 'string'},

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and here is the code for the panel with the combobox

	var floatingPanel = Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {
		width: 200,
		floating: true, // make this panel an absolutely-positioned floating component
		alwaysOnTop: true,
		title: 'new value',
		html: 'Test floating Panel',
		items: [
				xtype: 'component',
				style: 'margin-bottom:0.5em',
				html: 'blah blah',
				xtype: 'combo',
				fieldLabel: 'symbol or name',
				hideLabel: true,
				store: Ext.create('', {
					proxy: {
						type: 'jsonp',
						url: '',
						reader: {
							type: 'json',
							transform: function(data){
								return data['query']['results'];
				queryMode: 'remote',
				queryParam: 'query',
				//queryCaching: true,
// adding either of those did not help
				//displayField: 'newSymbol',
				//valueField: 'abbr',

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i'm also wondering why sencha sends the query but keeps displaying a "loading" symbol after it receives an empty resultset

i'm NOT interested in other ways to interact with yahooAPI : i already have both jquery and plain js code for that, and i'm not interested in a server side solution either (my app is client only and written in order to learn sencha and possibly for personal use at some point). other than that all ideas are welcome.

thanks for any help you can provide
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skullnobrainsAuthor Commented:
found the answer myself :

there is a "minChars:4," default settings that prevents autocompletion if the value of the field is not long enough

when the user types less characters and presses <down arrow>
sencha triggers the load() method of the corresponding store
with expected parameter : "query: field.value" (in pseudo code)

somehow sencha does send the query but as long as minchars is not reached,
the parameter is empty (GET ... &query=&...)

the only way to prevent this behavior is to set minchars to 1

i do not know of a way to actually prevent sencha from sending the query when the typed string is not long enough without hacking the framework. i consider the behavior a bug, and i'm unsure the same would be repeatable on other versions

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skullnobrainsAuthor Commented:
found answer myself
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