When downloading PDF files they are saved as HTML Firefox how can I get PDF Icons back

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Hello Experts,

I created a new user profile in windows 7 64 and now when I download PDF files they are stored as html firebox files. When I get the download save as it wont let me select as pdf as before.

Please help

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You may have to set the file association back to a program that runs PDF files. Open Windows Explorer, navigate to a location that contains a known-good PDF file and right-click the file. Choose "Open WIth" and then select the best program from the list you have - Adobe Reader, Acrobat Standard, Etc. and tell it to always open this type of file with this program. That should solve the problem as described. However, you may be experiencing a slightly different issue in that some websites provide a download link that is not a direct link to a PDF file, but instead a link to a different web page that is in fact an HTML file - so you need to click on the link (follow it) instead of right-clicking and choosing Save As (downloading it) to get to where you can see the actual PDF. Then inside the PDF page you may find a download or save button.


Thank you I unistalled firefox and re installed again.  Selected the program on the list and all pdf icons returned to normal.

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