Microsoft HyperV without System Center ?

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I currently have VMWare and want to migrate to HyperV to reduce costs since HyperV is basically FREE after I purchase my Microsoft Windows Server 2012 licenses and CALS, but sounds like some functions require a purchase of System Center Management

Do you have a list of what HyperV functions can work without System Center Management and which functions need System Center Management ?
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Is this just a Single Standalone Hyper-V Server ?

Do you currently have vCenter Server, and more than a single ESXi server ?

Do you have a SAN?
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No features require SCVMM. SCVMM is a monitoring and management platform. It can, for example, proactively monitor all hosts and "balance" VMs, moving VMs around based on how much CPU they are taking. This is something you can do manually without SCVMM, so SCVMM just automates the process.

Don't get me wrong, SCVMM os a great product. But it isn't needed for any core hyper-v services. It instead helps an admin more easily manage a virtual environment with many VMs. SCVMM can manage other virtualization platforms, not just hyper-v.

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