Word 2010 Template Footer Page Numbering off

Good morning Experts, I have created a Word 2010 template for some documents and am having an issue with the page numbering in the footer.  

When a user opens the file, the footer on the first page reads (for example) 1 of 1 where in reality the page is (in the example) 1 of 2.  This occurs until the ref fields are updated.  Some users have complained because they have printed out copies and the page numbering on the first page seems to indicate the wrong number of total pages.  

Could someone please show me how to correct this problem?  I have tried searching through multiple forums but can't seem to find a solution to a similar issue.

Thanks in advance,
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Your document works OK for me (Word 2007).

There must be something particularly difficult about the calculation of the Numpages field, because this has been an occasional problem since Word 2000. I have tested one of the suggestions from here
where a PageRef field referencing a bookmark at the end of the document is used.

Incidentally. there is an automatic bookmark called "\EndOfDoc" in that position. I use it all the time in VBA code,  but PageRef can't see it, so you will have to set your own.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
I have Office 2010 on my Win7 64bit PC. I removed the text but kept the headings to reduce the file to 1 page, then saved it as a template file (Bad-Example.dotx).

When I create a new document with the template file, it automatically inserts the correct total number of pages in the footer.

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