Configure Exchange with Raid 10 or Fileserver?

hi guys

I have two servers that are similar in terms of processor speeds and specs. They will be used for around 40 users. However one of them only has option for Raid 5. The other only with Raid 10.

The disk speeds for both servers are 10k.

One will be used as an Exchange server, the other as a fileserver with AD/DNS on it.

I have enough disk space etc. My question is, should I configure the Exchange with Raid 10 seeing as it will be read/write intensive and the fileserver with Raid 5?

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chlebiTeam Leader IT InfrastructureCommented:
If you are purely aiming at performance of Exchange then RAID 10 would make more sense there but it also depends on the disk configuration you plan to use on those.
With latest Echange versions Microsoft is recommending to rather bring the redundancy by adding a second/third mailbox server with replicated copies of the databases (then you do not even need to use expensive RAID arrays) - again, depends on your disk setup and sizing.

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Don S.Commented:
If I had to chose between the two, I'd put Exchange on the Raid 10 box and the file services on the Raid 5 box - provided the controller cards and drives were the same.
YashyAuthor Commented:
okay awesome guys, thanks for your help. I'll probably be doing Exchange with Raid 10. Cheers
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