Downgrade Deployed Internet Explorer 11 Back to Internet Explorer 8

Hey Guys -

I'm an SCCM admin for a company which currently uses IE8 on their workstations for compatibility purposes.  They wanted to test a few workstations running IE11 and asked me to get it taken care of.  I used IEAK to create a deployable IE11 package with a few customizations in it.

What I didn't know until today is that they want these systems to go back to IE8 now that testing is over.  I've looked online, but what I've found so far doesn't apply.

Below are options I've found and the results I've had with them (none worked)  Any suggestions?  
- Uninstall from "Uninstall Programs" in the Control Panel - IE11 isn't listed.  I guess because it was installed via MSI deployment instead of EXE?
- Uninstall from "Installed Updates" in Control Panel - It's not listed there, either - probably because it was installed as an application, not update
- Uncheck "Internet Explorer 11" from "Windows Components" list - It did appear here.  However when I uncheck and apply it, it doesn't downgrade but completely remove Internet Explorer from the computer!

All systems are running Windows 7 x64 Enterprise

Any Ideas?  Thanks!
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BzowKAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.  Ended up creating a new deployment package which installed IE11 as update rather than an application.  Once deployed, it may be uninstalled by removing an installed update.

Have you tired pressing the F12 key (developer plug-in) and then set the mode to IE 8?  That would allow them to toggle back and forth between versions for development and testing.  While IE is up just press the F12 key. It should also be accessible via the tool bar if set up.


BzowK --
" Uninstall from "Installed Updates" in Control Panel - It's not listed there, either - probably because it was installed as an application, not update"
Take another look under "View Installed Updates"|Microsoft Windows section.  It is listed as Internet Explorer 11.  (Search that window for Internet )

" Uncheck "Internet Explorer 11" from "Windows Components" list"  Windows Components?  Do you mean Windows Features?  That only disables IE11 and does not uninstall it.

Using Repair Install will take you back to IE 8, but I am not sure how practical that would be if many PC's are involved.
It will not affect personal data or installed programs.
BzowKAuthor Commented:
It's what worked
And how have you downgraded to IE8 from there?  I understand that is what you originally wanted.
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