I need a solution to a Webpage for Wholesale Availability.

I am currently working with a plugin developer to customize the plugin.  It is not going too good.  Do you have any guidance or alternative?  THis page will need to have name of product, size of variation, Price, and a column of notes.  There are 2000 products.  I need it to be a quick order availability page for wholesale customers to add a quantity and add to cart.  I don't see alot of samples or examples online just like this.  I have been working with plugin developer for 5 weeks now.  It doesn't work and now he is wanting me to pay more and I don't even know if what he wants to try will work.  Do you have any suggestions?
Here is the site not working on the added notes add on.
jenna HollandWeb DeveloperAsked:
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I suggest you sack him and hire Jason here at EE
5 weeks is a ridiculous amount of time for something that simple.

You should have had a contract in place stating how much it was going to cost and how long it was going to take - sounds like a chancer to me who doesn't know what he's doing (maybe he is coming here asking questions on how to do it ;o)
jenna HollandWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Well, I was wanting to know if you know of an alternative.  I am using WooCommerce Orbisius Quick Order Form that is something you can purchase through Woocommerce.  It's just he is the plugin owner.  I am using that plugin.  Is there anything else I can use.  I am not sure I can pay anyone else to do this.  I am useing Woocommerce with Wordpress.  Woocommerce is my shopping cart platform.  I thought that was my only choice to be compatible.  Do you know of any other program I can try?  Or where I can search?  I need to be able to take updates with wordpress as well.
Is this just for wholesalers i.e. B2B and not a B2C site?
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jenna HollandWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
It could to be both.  However, login credentials will be needed to see availability quick order form prices.  We want the form to show to anyone.  Just not show prices until logged in.
I'll ping Jason, he is more likely to know off the top of his head if there is anything out there.
jenna HollandWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I really appreciate your help.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
I am using WooCommerce Orbisius Quick Order Form that is something you can purchase through Woocommerce.

If you are using that plugin and working with the developer of the plugin, you are probably in good hands.  I wouldn't be any better than that person.

I do also wonder why a relatively simple request is taking this long.  Someone, somewhere is confused.

There are 2000 products.

Is it your intent to list all 2,000 on a single page?  If so, this is going to be rather painful for the end user.

Woocommerce is my shopping cart platform.  I thought that was my only choice to be compatible.

The are other cart systems for WordPress available but Woo is probably the best at the moment.

Is there anything else I can use.

There are very few "single form" order forms out there.  You can look into something like this:


as an alternative to Orbisius system but it may not give you the look you are wanting.
jenna HollandWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Those forms will not work.  I am willing to move away from Wordpress if necessary.  Do you know of anything?  I had a meeting with Volusion.  They had a form.  But it was not responsive and didn't really let me change anything.  I am stuck with this developer.  He is trying to charge me again and I am worried we will be right back here.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
If you want to move off WordPress then look at Magento as your cart system.  Magento is much more robust and a complete e-commerce solution and it should have all sorts of add-ons for your specific situation.  

As far as being stuck with the developer, that's never the case.  If the developer isn't doing what you want or what you agreed to, fire them.  If money is an issue, don't make it one.  There's always more money available.  If you are so flat broke that you really have no more money anywhere (which begs the question of why this customization is so important if there is no associated revenue stream) then you simply invest time and learn to do it yourself.

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