Creating MST To Populate Named Command Line Switches in an MSI

Hey Guys -

Got a quick question.  I've been using Orca for years, but only to create MSTs for apps like Flash or Java where I change an object in the Properties table from "Yes" to "No" or "1" to "0."  I'm trying to do something a bit more advanced and need help, please.

I've got an exe installer which I'm having trouble deploying.  One reason is that it has a really long string of possible switches we need set.  When running the executable, I found it extracts pre-reqs and the MSI installer into a temp folder so copied those over.  Now all I need to do is create an MST which will populate the MSI with the info we had in the switches.  

The catch is that there switches are not ones I'm used to which are usually on or off.  These are server names, mostly, and I don't know how to add / edit them into an MST correctly.

The exe command line:
setup.exe /s /v" DEVICESERVERURL= /norestart /l*v "C:\Windows\LogFiles\Install.log" /qn"

Therefore, the things I need to set in the MST are:
- Set it to suppress restart
- Set log file path

I found the object for the restart option in the Properties table and could use standard msiexec switches for logging, but the others, I don't know what to do with.

It seems they are all listed under the CustomAction table.  Below's an example of just MANGEDDOMAIN which appears 3 times in this table alone:

Is it as simple as changing the "Target" values of 1-3 of the above to what I need them to be?  If so, will they automatically be called and set simply by installing the MSI without additional, custom strings (besides transforms needed for the MST)?

I searched the MSI in Orca for "ManagedDomain" just to see which other tables it appears in.  Besides CustomActions, below are screenshots from a few other places it appears and looks relevant in the MSI.  It is listed in the Property table as you'll see, but only on a line with many other things.  There were a few more, but didn't think they would matter and didn't want to take screenshots for 30 minutes :)
In the "AppSearch" table
In the "Registry" table
In the "RegLocater" table
In the "Property" table (Along with all the others)
In the "InstallUISequence" table (x2)
In the "InstallExecuteSequence" table (x2)
Again, there were some in other tables, but would have taken me a while to add them all.

So... what can I edit / add to an MST so that simply running the MSI with the MST via Transforms switch will properly configure it?

Thanks Guys!
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Vadim RappCommented:
You will find them in the table "Property". To suppress restart, specify property REBOOT. You can override log file path by using property MsiLogFileLocation .
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
Create a new property in the Property table, name it MANAGEDOMAIN, and give it the value

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