Oracle Apex Application - Offline Mode

Hello Experts,

This isnt a question per say, but I am looking for some feedback on a situation at hand.

I've been developing on Oracle Apex for the past 2 years and have successfully developed and deployed a dozen or so Apps to meet our business needs into production.

3 of these applications have been deployed are mobile versions and are being used by Ipad minis which require a live internet connection.

I have been working on an application which is right now being tested and debugged.

At a recent board meeting it was requested that this application be available offline. I know out of the box this is not possible so I have been brainstorming on how to make this available offline.

The one solution I have come up with is to deploy the application on Windows 8.1 tablets(thinking about Dell Venue's) with a constant vpn connection back to our network.

The way I am thinking about doing this is by installing Oracle XE on the tablets, and having a sync button so that data is sent back and forth throughout the day whenever an internet connection -> VPN is available.


Main Oracle 11gr2 Enterprise sits at our facility.
80 or so tablets with Windows 8.1, VPN and Oracle XE.
Sync button on Apex front end would send and retrieve new data
Tablets would access front via localhost (

Is this a practical solution? Can someone shed some light on why I should or should not pursue this road.  

Also if anyone have any alternative solutions that do not require me learning a new programming language, i'd love to hear them.
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Installing full blown XE on a mobile device seems a bit heavy.  I don't think you'll need something that intensive on the client side.

I started off down a path from very old brain cells (Oracle Times Ten) and was quickly diverted.

Looks like Oracle has the product you need out of the box:
Oracle Database Mobile Server
FutureDBA-Author Commented:
I thought of that as well, but considering that XE is limited to 1GB on the ram side and these devices come with 2GB and will solely be used for this application, I figured it wouldnt be that bad.

My main issue is having the APEX Frontend available locally when there is no internet connection.

Oracle Mobile Mobile Server, does this come with apex support in offline mode on the client side?
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>Oracle Mobile Mobile Server, does this come with apex support in offline mode on the client side?

Cannot say.  Just came across that product minutes before I posted.

While you wait for additional Experts here that might have done some Oracle on mobile devices to come along,  I would also contact Oracle directly.  Granted, they will always try to sell you something but at times will offer really good advice.

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Sanjeev LabhDatabase ConsultantCommented:
Since the business is interested in offline reports, I think what you can do is cache the report data in flat files (csv, txt) which can be read by the excel or whicever reporting tool that is used on the mobile devices. So whenever the sync is triggered you just overwrite the flat files. This would not invlove in installing any application.

However, this would need more detailed and appropriate tweaking at your end to suit your application for sure.
FutureDBA-Author Commented:
It is not a reporting application, the application has needs for server client interfacing from front to back-end. Whether it was remote or local.

We are going to further explore the ORCL XE on the tablets and then HS environment back to our enterprise DB.
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