outbound email routing

First thanks in advance for any advice on the challenge I'm trying to resolve.
We have a domino servers with various domain names we are servicing our different group of companies.
Ex: username@company1.com

We have a situation where we would like our users from lets say company3.com route to a different gateway than company1.com and company2.com (different new internet circuit with seperate IP address) so that information on header emails could not be traced back to company1.com and company2.com.

From external configuration, company3.com would make changes to point it's MX record and ptr record to new external IP address.

Challenge is to find solution to route outgoing emails from company3.com to seperate gateway.

Note: We have two Barracuda Firewall Spam Filter. One servicing company1.com and company2.com. The second one is for new circuit servicing company3.com.

Thank you

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Do you have distinct sets of servers per company? Or distinct Notes Named Networks? Or are those users from C1, C2 and C3 distributed over all servers? Would it be possible to create these distinct sets of servers?

AFAIK it is not possible in Domino to configure routing on a per user basis.
CPropAuthor Commented:
Hi Sjef
The users from C1, C2 and C3 are currently on all servers.
Would having distinct servers be the only solution (or most efficient way) of doing this?

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I'm afraid it would, but I'm not entirely qualified to discuss this server stuff, I'm not a real Domino admin. All I can say is how I'd do this, and that would be:
- move the mail databases of all C3 people to one set of servers
- move all other people from that server
- adjust routing settings and Connection documents to reflect the SMTP routing that you want to achieve

I just got another idea. In his or her Person document, every user has a user name, a mail server and a mail domain. It might be possible (but I'm not sure it'll work, I never tried) to assign one different domain to those C3 users, e.g. "C3Domain". Then, you set up an SMTP Connection document, Source Domain=C3Domain, Destination Domain is irrelevant. I suppose that this Connection document is consulted whenever a C3 user sends a mail through the server.  

It's worth a try, wouldn't you say? Easily set up: one test account, add a Connection Document, send a mail, look what happens. Maybe you have to define C3Domain as adjacent domain,

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